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One of the most fantastic experiences in the life of human beings is to leave a legacy through their offspring. Unfortunately in all cases having a child through pregnancy is not possible. Sometimes one or both parents can experience fertility problems. In other cases, they are single people or gay couples, who cannot conceive by natural methods.

This is where adoption or surrogate pregnancy can become a great ally of those people who maintain their desire to grow their families, despite the difficulties.

The Adoption

This is the most traditional methods of all. However, in many cases (usually by local legislation) the adoptive processes can take years between lawyers and paperwork, making the goal more and more distant. Also, these tedious processes can generate high levels of stress and frustration. After years trying to succeed in an adoption process, people use to desist.

Surrogate Pregnancy

You can also look for a surrogate mother in San Diego or worldwide, but it is essential that you know the most relevant aspects of the process to obtain satisfactory results. You can look for a woman within your own family or a close friend. The disadvantage that this option presents is the lack of legal protection (especially if the parties do not conclude a contract). It can bring several difficulties later.

The best option is to resort to an agency of high prestige and trajectory in the topic. Through the experience of these professionals, you can achieve a full and satisfactory experience. Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services maintains a high-quality standard, which minimizes difficulties on the path.

Advantages on Count With Our Surrogacy Services

One of the benefits is the legal protection that both parties obtain before the pregnancy occurs. Through the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement, a commitment is acquired protecting all interests and maintaining clear terms. This legal document defines from the beginning the intended parents as the legal and genetic parents of the baby. This prevents the surrogate mother from repenting in any part of the process and does not want to deliver the child.

On the other hand, the intended parents are committed both in the financial compensation, as well as in paying for the medical expenses of the surrogate mother. The mediation of GBSS experts allows for a match of detailed profiles between parents and economic agreements acceptable to all implied.

Another advantage of the Great Beginnings services are the strictly medical and background checks to which the parties are subject. This guarantees the high standard throughout the process. Also, the method used by the best agency to locate a surrogate mother in San Diego is the gestational surrogacy method, which avoids psychological and emotional difficulties in this way, since the ovules do not belong to the mother who rents her belly.

Your Dream of Seeing Your Family Grow is Getting Closer

Our professionals will be glad to clarify your doubts and accompany you on that beautiful path of turning your dreams into realities. If you want further information, or to schedule a consultation please contact us, we are here to serve you.

Surrogate Mother San Diego
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Surrogate Mother San Diego
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