Where to Get Premiere Laser Lipo in Toronto?

Gone are the days when people have to go under the knife to instantly get rid of the unwanted fats. Now anyone can undergo liposuction because there is already a non-surgical option, thanks to laser technology. In Canada, cosmetic procedures remain in demand but a recent study suggests that Canadians prefer non-surgical options in cosmetic enhancement.

If you are looking for a clinic with laser lipo in Toronto, you got one here at Liliana Laser. We are proud to be one of the providers of the Zerona Laser Lipo because it is proven to be the most rewarding in terms of results and effectiveness. It is definitely safe because it is an FDA-cleared alternative to the traditional liposuction.

What Else You Need to Know About Zerona

With Zerona, a patient undergoes a series of painless treatments over a certain period. The treatment usually lasts around 40 minutes per session.  A patient does not need to worry about being in pain. It does not involve surgery and the doctor will not require anesthesia. When combined with exercise and diet, you can lose up to 5.5 inches instantly.

Still, the results will vary because every patient is different. It is very important to remember that it is not a miracle cure that will keep anyone fit without having an exercise program or healthy diet. The fat cells have the tendency to re-plump if the person who went through it will not maintain an active lifestyle.

This low-level laser treatment lets the fat out by making the fat membrane penetrable. With this kind of procedure, the laser device is placed over the patient’s body to create a temporary opening in the fat cells for the fat to escape. Unlike the traditional method, it will not damage the fat cells.

Why Laser Lipo?

Because the liposuction is performed through the use of lasers, you can expect that there is a lower rate of complications compared to the traditional lipo. The creator of Zerona addresses the many drawbacks of traditional liposuction, which comes with serious risks such as excessive blood loss and scarring.

The laser treatment does not cause the fat cells to disfigure or become scarred. This means they are only decreased and they are not totally removed. With the traditional method, there is a chance for the skin to become lumpy if a lot of the fat were removed.

The best thing about undergoing laser lipo is a patient can return to his or her normal activities. If you want to return to work after the treatments, it is possible with Zerona because it boasts zero downtime. You can see the result in as fast as two weeks.

Experience Zerona Today!

Say goodbye to unwanted body fats and hello to a better version of yourself by losing weight safely. When you are looking for an effective laser lipo in Toronto, you can expect great results with our Zerona liposuction treatment. Fill out the form through our website so we can provide you with all the things you need to know about this non-surgical treatment.

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