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Ear Specialist Near Me

Since more people are shopping and searching for services online than ever before, you can do a Google search for "ear specialist near me," and select and Eastside ENT Specialists Inc. We have three convenient locations in Ohio, including Willoughby, Madison, and Painesville.

At Eastside ENT Specialists Inc., many of the patients we work with visit us after their primary care physicians have exhausted medical treatment but fail to solve their patient's problem. Most of the people who we see have failed medical treatment, whether it be antibiotics or decongestants for sinus problems or another ear, nose, and throat condition.

Services We Provide

At Eastside ENT Specialists Inc., we perform a lot of minimally invasive surgical procedures. From top to bottom, we treat hearing loss, wax blockage, fluid in the middle ear, and recurring ear infections in children.

When it comes to the nasal area, we provide solutions for nasal obstruction, nasal valve collapse, and other chronic sinus issues.

In the throat region, we regularly treat patients for chronic tonsillitis, thyroid problems, and neck masses.

We Treat Sleep Disturbance

At Eastside Specialists Inc., we cover a wide range of specialties in the head and neck. One of the most common conditions we treat is sleep disturbance, including snoring and sleep apnea. A lot of obstructive sleep apnea occurs due to blockage in the head and neck region, which is where we work. Som blockage can be nasal, some of it is palate, some of it is at the base of the tongue, and some of it is further down the throat.

Sleep Disturbance Solutions

When treating such conditions, we coordinate closely with our neurologists and sleep doctors to get our patients fitted well with CPAPCPAP, which is a positive pressure mask. Sometimes, patients are surgical candidates, but the treatments we provide are usually mild for snoring and sleep apnea. Conventional therapies include mandibular devices and retainers that prevent the obstruction of air.

The range of our effect on sleep disturbance and snoring is wide. Treatment can range from minimal to major, in terms of surgery, depending on what kind of problem exists and where the problem is. One of the reasons you want to be picky about who you choose for ear, nose, and throat surgery is that it is vital that your specialist be highly attentive to the exact problems of each patient.

You Need Focuses ENT Treatment

A lot of times in a primary care office, great medical treatment is provided to patients, but the physicians fail to solve their patient's problems because such physicians try to cover a whole range of medical issues, and they don't have enough time to focus on one issue. At Eastside ENT Specialists Inc., we specialize in ear, nose, and throat treatment.

Much More than Ear Specialists

At Eastside ENT Specialists Inc., we treat all things ear, nose, and throat. From hearing loss to sinus infections; from sleep apnea to thyroid disorders (and everything in-between), we are the ones you can count on. If you live anywhere in Ohio, search online for "ear specialist near me," and choose Eastside ENT Specialists Inc. It will be one of the best decisions you've ever made.

Ear Specialist Near Me
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Ear Specialist Near Me
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