Prevention and early treatment are the two best solutions against such a devastating disease like cancer. We invite you to an extensive screening and breast cancer treatment in Fort Worth, at The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, today, before your condition worsens any further!

Early stages of breast cancer

In the initial stages of the disease, you may experience several symptoms like pain, swelling, lumps in the breast area or armpit, nipple discharge, etc. The symptoms may vary in intensity and frequency and are not always indicators of the stage of the disease. Since not all breast cancers cause pain in the initial phases, victims tend to ignore the other signs, allowing the disease to spread and worsen.

We advise you to come in for a screening as soon as you notice anything abnormal about your breasts, including in how they look or feel. The success of the treatment rests on a multitude of factors, primarily the stage of the disease.

Can cancer be cured?

Although researches look promising, there is still no known cure to talk about. Prevention and early screenings remain the most effective strategies against a disease with lethal potential. To increase the effectiveness of the treatment, we advise you to come for regular preliminary investigations, especially if you have a family cancer history.

We realize that most people postpone or avoid the screening process, out of fear of what it may tell them. But ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. The cancer survival rate grows drastically when the treatment begins in the early stages of the disease. We offer a highly advanced breast cancer treatment in Fort Worth, which will force the condition into remission, allowing you to control and even eliminate the problem.

The most effective cancer care

The treatment for cancer will vary depending on the nature of the disease, its stage of development, and the patient’s clinical condition, among other factors. Cancer is a unique disease, in the sense that it affects the patient as a whole – physically, mentally, and emotionally. In all cases, the patient’s family will carry some of that burden as well. The treatment that we’re offering rests on a holistic foundation, which means it includes:

  • Clinical procedures intended to control the disease and force it into remission (chemotherapy, pharmacy, radiation)
  • Mental and emotional healing and strengthening (clinical trials and palliative care)
  • Lifestyle adjustments and ancillary care (nutritional counseling, spiritual support, psychology services, etc.)

It is possible to defeat cancer, provided proper medical assistance along the way. For that reason, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible!

Raising breast cancer awareness

The most effective weapon against any form of cancer is spreading awareness about the dangers, as well as the advantages of early detection and treatment. We offer comprehensive screening and high-end breast cancer treatment in Fort Worth which will save your life.

Make an appointment at The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, and come in for a screening today! So long as you keep your hopes alive, there is always a way.

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